Problem… Solved

If you’ve ever had a dissatisfied client, and who hasn’t, think about this opportunity the next time you satisfy that client. TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT!!! 

When you handle a complaint successfully, you have increased the level of customer satisfaction. Don’t hide from it; turn that great customer service into a marketing opportunity. Tell you employees, tell other customers, and tell the marketplace. 

Your employees will learn how to handle similar circumstances and know that proper resolution is recognized. Other customers will have good feelings reinforced by your commitment after the sale. New prospects could see your level of service as the ‘added value’ that they are looking for. Or, they could use your problem solving as justification for paying a higher price for your product or service. 

By telling the world how you solved a customer complaint you are building value for your business. Everyone knows that mistakes are made, it is in how mistakes are handled that great organizations separate themselves from the competition. 

Set the standards for customer service, make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant to the customer, and Timely. It is just plain SMART

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