Vivel Crepes & Coffee

Vivel Crepes and coffee

Notice a pattern, we love food advertising.

So many people eat out 5-7 meals a week, that getting success for restaurant clients is pretty easy. Find the right market and then capture the images and feel for the restaurant. If you share a good product enough times, people will give it a try. When the product and service is fantastic (like it is at Vivel), success is almost guaranteed.

If we can agree on one thing here, it’s that people love their neighborhood coffee shops. That is exactly the messaging we targeted for Vivel. In the campaign we created, we not only highlighted Vivel as a wonderful coffee shop, but also a place you can enjoy breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner. (continued below)

billboard food advertising
food advertising billboard outdoor

Since DDM began working with Vivel on advertising their food, we brought our camera crew in to shoot video, we have them doing YouTube Ads, Google Search, Pre-Roll, and CTV. In doing this, we’re able to keep Vivel’s incredibly beautiful and tasty menu in front of their target audience.

We have also created the artwork for their billboard and menus. DDM has also worked with our promotional products vendor to get Vivel merchandise for employees and customer sales. The strategy we’ve implemented makes sure that the Vivel message is being seen by their entire target market! Most importantly this past Spring, sales were up over 30%!

Boy oh boy do we love sharing the success stories of our clients.

Services rendered: Video Production, Print Production, Media Placement, Social Media

TV Commercials

Part of the food advertising we’ve done for Vivel is the production of various commercials that highlight their incredible dishes. Having the right crew and equipment (such as the right lights, props, lenses an such are instrumental in crating ads that are almost good enough to eat.

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