Dominate Your Target

In marketing a business, a very common mistake is trying to reach everyone with your message. 

Instead of convincing 100% of a market 10% of the way to purchase, isn’t it better to convince 10% of the market all the way to purchase? 

The first step in dominating a target is fully discovering who comprises your target. A demographic of Women 25-54 years old is better than ‘everyone’, but still represents a generational gap, complete with different lifestyles, habits, and motivations. 

By fully researching who buys your product, where they live, what they do, their complete life, you can successfully narrow down your target. 

Then and only then, can you target your marketing efforts, wasting very little, and in reality, the intense prospect study will unveil new ways of reaching those prospects that are seldom used, and therefore, are quite often even more effective than standard methodologies. 

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