Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising

Traditional forms of advertising are not dead, they are just changed.

Traditional ads rely on one-way communication. In these cases clients create and disseminate messages to a broad audience. This is true with media such as: television, radio, newspaper and outdoor advertising. This is more of a ‘shotgun’ approach, with the aim of generating awareness, interest, and ultimately driving sales.

Traditional advertising has been the norm for quite some time but has evolved alongside digital advancements. The advent of digital advertising however, doesn’t mean these forms do not work. Media such as television, outdoor, radio, direct mail and point of purchase do still work when utilized correctly.

The key is to make sure there is proper planning and continuity between traditional advertising and digital advertising.

DDM has purchased over $50 million in traditional ad campaigns for our clients. With this experience, we have learned both the art and science behind media buying. However, we now like to have it complemented by digital strategies to create a more comprehensive and targeted marketing approach.

We can help create, write copy, product photography or videography, edit, produce, layout or print your advertisements. We invite you to view many examples of our work by visiting our portfolio or case study pages.

Services include: Media buying, Radio Ads, TV Ads, Print Ads, Outdoor

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