AUSTEX Wellness and Medical Spa

AUSTEX wellness & Medical spa Case Study

AUSTEX Wellness and Medical Spa is DDM’s first step into the cosmetic industry. And, WOW, what a great company to get started working with.

AUSTEX is located in the community of Lakeway and caters to a very defined target audience.

Prior to bringing DDM on board, the client was doing some print advertising and paid social media. Thankfully, the owners are very involved with their business and already had a great foundation when we started our relationship.

One of the first ideas we brought to our client was the idea of reaching more potential clients than their previous media mix. Naturally, the client became very intrigued. AUSTEX is now on NBC’s Studio512 and reaches all of the Austin market. Most importantly their bookings are out 3-4 weeks.

The owner tells us that our media strategy is the best they’ve had since they opened their business. (continued below)

Print advertisement for Lakeway business

Video and Television content

Monthly we produce :15 videos that primarily run on targeted digital pre-roll as well as featured advertorials on the local NBC affiliate. DDM has come in and shot video on site as well as working with many of the client’s vendors to make sure that the quality of production matches the incredible services delivered at AUSTEX.

Not only does DDM help the client with TV exposure, but we also bring a monthly to-do list/plan of action to each meeting. DDM creates their graphic design for print ads, social media creation, and promotional product orders to make sure all the messaging we’re trying to convey is in unison.

We collaborate with the client on things such as newsletters, events, networking opportunities and much more

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