Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

There are many ways to achieve success in marketing, but one sure-fire way to fail is not to plan. Comprehensive planning is crucial to success.

At DDM we look at your business, your target audience, your competitors, and your goals. Each of these topics helps us to determine the correct range of budget options for your business. Competitive environments affect your budget size, as does the target audience and your goals.

DDM crafts a budget range to work in to achieve your goals. There is no one ‘right’ number for a budget, but there are correct ranges. We are emphatic with clients that once a budget is set, sticking to that budget is the best way to get results.

It is better to start small and grow than to bite off more than you can afford and downsize. In all forms of marketing, consistency is key. If you downsize, you lose the equity you were beginning to establish within that delivery.

With a proper plan, you should know the range of success and a timeline in which to achieve your goals. We build your plan from the inside out, making sure that what is promised to your customers is delivered when they patronize your business.

At DDM we use a variety of models such as; percentage of sales; percent of occupancy and goals to help set your budget correctly.

Services include: Budgeting (internal and external), Quantitative Goal Setting, Exit Strategies

DDM Marketing and Consulting achieves success by comprehensive planning and creating an advertising budget.

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