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Mathews Jewelers Case Study

Jewelry advertising is such a fun category. In September of 2006, after three years of conversation and learning about each other’s businesses, Mathews Jewelers became a client of DDM Marketing. Owner, Stan Mathews knew marketing worked, but always found himself torn between the many different media options available. While his stores, located in Beaumont and Orange, Texas, had always been successful, he never knew what part of his efforts were working for him.

DDM came in and streamlined the marketing efforts for Mathews Jewelers. We consolidated their advertising spending into fewer but more impactful choices. Television and outdoor were the two areas of concentration. We knew that the visual appearance is important in jewelry advertising, so we made his product the star of everything. Both television ads and billboards featured stunning diamond jewelry on black backgrounds. DDM shot every photo and video image in house and created a look that became recognized as ‘Mathews’. (continued below)

DDM Marketing: Outdoor Project

Mathews Jewelers Videos

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There were many times when a competitor tried to copy the look of Mathews. These efforts usually quickly stopped after learning their targeted audience was seeing a glimpse of their ads and coming to Mathews. It’s amazing what creating a look and brand does in the consumer’s mind.

We were helpful in growing Mathew’s business year after year for a dozen years before Mr. Mathews sold out to his managers in 2018. This growth was accomplished despite varying economic conditions and through multiple natural disasters (hurricanes). One of our best campaigns came after a hurricane when we changed from our standard messaging to offer free cleaning and storage of customer’s jewelry while they were displaced from their homes after massive flooding left thousands of people disrupted and displaced. Even though this was not a sale, the goodwill generated resulted in many many sales over then next few years from people who said they never forgot what we did for them at their time of need. (more under these wonderful billboard examples)

Since 2018, we’ve worked with the new owners in acquiring a competitor, moving locations and opening a storefront in Nederland, Texas. Since then our focus has shifted to include a heavy digital and social media presence for their locations. Mathews is still viewed as the premiere jewelry store in Southeast Texas and our success with them has led us to do many sales around the country for jewelers, including sales for clients in Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, Arizona and throughout Texas (Houston, Dallas and San Antonio). Keep scrolling and take a look at one more beautiful example of a billboard we did for Mathews.

Services delivered: Logo design, TV video production, media buying, social media management, print pieces, outdoor, digital ads, SEO, SEM

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