Video Portfolio

Silsbee Toyota

This video is one in a series of 7 – :15 videos featuring several of the long term sales representatives at Silsbee Toyota.

DDM wrote, shot and edited these for our client.

Mathews Jewelers

Stunning video shots of shimmering diamonds on a stark black background became the staple of Mathews Jewelers imagery.

All video was shot in by our crew. This campaign has been wonderfully successful for this client.

Tia Juanita’s

One of the original commercials for Tia Juanita’s. DDM was there from the beginning and helped the chain grow to 9 locations in East and Southeast Texas.

Shooting video of food can be tricky, but with the right lens, lighting and patience, the results are delicious.

Various jewelry pieces video

Some incredibly detailed images of jewelry pieces we’ve shot over the years for various clients. All of these were shot by our videographers in house.

Rao’s bakery and coffee cafe

Commercial showing great food shots and fun smiling customers for our client in the Houston and Beaumont markets

Moore Automotive

Oh the things we had Charlie do over the years. A campaign of similar antics ran for about 12 years and helped increase Moore’s market share from 7% to over 22%

austex wellness and medical spa

:15 targeted pre-roll ad that we update monthly to coincide with schedule on local broadcast TV and digital schedule.

Vivel Crepes and Coffee Cafe

Wonderful food shots incorporated into a commercial for a restaurant in Lakeway, Texas.

Fun and tasty shoot.

Various food videos

Series of video clips and commercials for our food based clients including restaurants, food companies and grocery stores.

best hospice care of texas :60 video

A rare :60 commercial for Best Hospice Care of Texas.

With this project, we used stock video to save the client on production costs.

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