First Financial Bank

First Financial Bank

DDM’s first foray into bank marketing started with what was Orange Savings Bank in 2010. An existing client (actually, the owner of Mathews Jewelers) was asked who was doing their marketing, as the Bank President liked what he saw.  

Initially, DDM created a series of television commercials for the bank and from there the relationship grew. We assisted every aspect of bank marketing and advertising until First Financial Bank purchased Orange Savings in late 2013. We created transition materials to help inform the bank’s customers of the new name and all of the benefits that First Financial offered. This includes print, outdoor and television production and placement with various media outlets.(continued below)

bank marketing advertorial
bank marketing billboard first financial bank
bank marketing piece for grand opening of branch in Texas

In early 2014, First Financial decided to do all bank marketing and advertising through the home office in Abilene.   In late 2014, they reached out to us again, stating they thought their marketing wasn’t ‘as localized as it used to be and that we could help them become more effective on the local level, and we resumed our relationship with them.

What we really do for First Financial (according to Stephen Lee who is their Regional President for SETX) is add a layer of local focus without overloading the home office and provide more local opportunities for partnerships. DDM looks at media and non-media opportunities to promote the bank. Additionally, we coordinate events and make sure we get our best return on investment. Furthermore, we create content for social media efforts that are focused on the local level. Basically, we take the outstanding job the home office does and add bandwidth and a layer of local taste and attention. With this approach, each individual branch gets individual attention, while operating under the brand integrity established and maintained by the bank for over 125 years..

TV Commercials

Over the years, we’ve produced several TV commercials as well as videos for use on our website, social media, football scoreboards, ect. Each of these commercials were shot and produced using our crew and have been done not only for the Southeast Texas Region but occasionally in assistance of the main branch in Abilene.

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