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Tia Juanita’s Case Study

Marketing for restaurants has become one of our favorite categories. Tia Juanitas has certainly become one of our favorite restaurants.

Our beginning with Ricky Martinez and Tia Juanita’s is one of our favorite stories. When we were just getting started, we hit a snag. Ricky had never paid $800 for a television commercial in all of the years he was in the restaurant business. Heck, he could get a station to come out and do it for ‘free’ if he bought a schedule.

He asked why? We talked and he admitted that not all commercials ‘look as good as others’. Being a big fan of his new restaurant concept and its food, we offered to barter the production costs for food credit. He bit (pardon the pun). We helped create a fun commercial that captures not only the incredible food, but the enjoyable atmosphere. We budgeted a moderate 4.75% of his projected revenue towards advertising and concentrated everything we had on this video.

Now their restaurants produce sales with multiple commas in their revenue numbers each and every month (continued below).

TV Commercials

Tia’s brand was build primarily on Television commercials. However, these have also run online, on social media and on streaming television.

marketing for restaurants billboard

Well, it wasn’t long before people were parking down the street and around the corner to get into the first Tia’s in Beaumont. As the years passed, Tia Juanita’s started to grow. First with a second location in Lumberton. Then in Jasper, next in Port Arthur, then Winnie. Further expansion brought Tia’s to Lufkin, Henderson, Orange and finally down in Crystal Beach.

We occasionally sprinkle in some outdoor when new restaurants opened, but slowly but surely we dropped his advertising to gross sales ratio down to less than 1%. YES, THAT IS CORRECT. If you’ve done marketing for restaurants, you know how low that number is.But that is due in part to Ricky and his crew offering a unique menu, a fun atmosphere and demanding top notch service to his customers.

Tia’s has been voted Best Restaurant in Southeast Texas for 8 straight years and has now expanded to include both Tiger Harry’s (Liberty) and the all new Nice Guy Ricky’s American Grill (Lumberton).

Ricky is always quick to thank and give us credit for his success, but all we did was put together a cohesive strategy to tell his potential customers about his great products.

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