Video Production

Video Production

Together our team has done thousands of video production projects, including television commercials, pre-roll videos, as well as training and long format videos for different clients.

We’ve been asked many times ‘what makes a good video?’ Well, beauty is in the hands of the beholder but there are certain things that almost universally bring results.

The answer is simple. Planning and caring. Taking the time to understand what a client is needing, planning a well thought out script and shot selection, and then walking through the edit process to make sure the final product speaks to your target audience. Having the proper equipment including cameras and especially lighting can greatly improve the look of a video.

At DDM have shot video for dozens of different types of businesses. These businesses/industries include: restaurants, jewelers, auto dealerships, attorneys, furniture stores as well as medical spas, alarm companies and political candidates.

All of this incredible work is only possible once we truly learn about our clients. We need to know about their business, what makes them special and most importantly, what do they provide for THEIR prospective clients.

We have an expansive video portfolio of various commercials, videos and social media content.

Services include: Concept, Copywriting, Production and Post Production, Editing, Voice Over, Music Beds, Long Format, TV Commercials, Infomercials, Social Media Video Content

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