Piecing together your
marketing puzzles

DDM is an Austin and Beaumont Based Advertising Agency that focuses on building customized marketing plans that achieve maximum ROI for our client. This means more than simply crafting an advertising plan, DDM works with clients on all aspects of their marketing including advertising, but also on internal dynamics, sponsorships, social media and literally anything that leads to a sale and repeat sales.

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Discovering Opportunities By Keeping An Open Mind

Not just focused on spending your ad budget

DDM is a full service agency that will piece together your marketing puzzles. We realize that every client is unique, unlike others we’re not a one size fits all agency. When you work with DDM, we value your product, goals, and most importantly you when tailoring your marketing plan. Our preference is to work for results, not media commissions based on how much we can get a client to spend. Heck, our goal is to build sales while reducing your advertising to gross sales ratio, and hopefully reducing your marketing budget. Contact us to see if we can solve your marketing puzzle together.

Your Business is Our Business

Where This Is Going

We’re Going To Be Good Friends

DDM is an Austin and Beaumont based advertising agency and is a relationship based company. Sure, we could work solely on projects and never speak again. But, where is the fun in that? We have clients that have worked with us for the better part of 22 years and have been invited to kids birthdays and graduations. We want to be able to text our clients and give them a hard time if their sports team had a bad week. In short, we want to be considered an integral part of your team, just not one you have to pay insurance or payroll taxes on.

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