Uniquely Aligned

Uniquely Aligned

OK, the headline got your attention, but what does ‘uniquely aligned’ really mean? Hint: It’s about partnership.

Well at DDM, we want to actual partnerships with our clients, not just profit from them spending advertising dollars.

Our preferred way of creating a partnership is to pass on any media ‘commissions’ to our clients in the form of savings. This does several things. It keeps our focus on driving results instead of commissionable spending. Additionally, this lets us look at the little things that are free that can help your marketing efforts. Finally, it allows us to think outside the box in ways of creating a brand and sales, and hopefully saves our clients money.

When we partner with clients, we will usually work for a minimum fixed retainer -that gets our clients our exclusive services in their product category and trade area- plus either a small percentage of their gross sales or a percentage of their growth.

We figure, we shouldn’t profit big from simply doing a job. We’d rather both of us share in the successes of our efforts. At DDM we (semi-jokingly) say we gauge success by how many holiday parties we get invited to each year. We want to be part of your team, a vital part at that, and not just a vendor.

In our 2 decades of serving clients, we’ve found – and most importantly our clients have found- that this structure of partnership is the healthiest agency-client relationship structure.

Wouldn’t you rather have an adverting firm that works based on results rather than spending? We believe we should only profit when our clients profit.

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