Is Fear All The Stands Between You and Success?

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles in reaching our goals. Below are 5 common fears and strategies to overcome them.

Fear of failure – You believe that if you don’t succeed, that disaster will result. To overcome, list all past setbacks that ultimately worked out for the best.

Fear of success – Some people are actually hindered by the though of what will happen if they do succeed. This is the number one reason why some fail when close to accomplishing their objective. To overcome, ask yourself what you stand to gain by not succeeding. Identify the assumptions that are behind your thoughts. Are they valid?

Fear of being imperfect -Perfectionists miss many opportunities by not attempting. They are also afraid to delegate. To overcome, try hobbies you might like but don’t think you’d do well, or start non-perfectionism on other people.

Fear of disapproval – If you feel you must be liked, you will waste energy trying to please everyone. To overcome, keep an ego file of thank you notes and kudos to read at down time.

Fear of change – Even when we want things different, change can make us vulnerable. To overcome find daily anchors, such as reading the paper with coffee. Try to keep these anchors constant, thus minimizing the changes.

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